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High tech Livestock Farm Builders & Developers

Breeders & Suppliers of Pedigreed Animals :

Goat farm developers is a high tech livestock farm builders & developers for stall fed farm systems also a breeder supplying highly pedigreed live goat breeds. we welcome goat farm beginners, livestock breeders, agricultural land owners, business seekers & goat buyers for livestock farming business. We provide turnkey projects for starting up a commercial stall fed goat farms as our company is specialized in constructing excellent farm set up with latest technologies of livestock farming & developing farm projects on contract basis for the customers who are in search of starting goat farms anywhere in Bihar & Jharkhand. With many years of experience in the industry in both large & small projects.














We Undertake the following contract activities for starting up & developing a farm project:

Site selection

Consultation on farming

Detailed training with practical exposures

Landscaping for fodder cultivation & developments

We construct & give you an high tech shed with an elevated raised platform either wood or plastic with partitions inside for a commercial farming based on the environment & locality

Supply of fodder seeds, plants & tree varieties

Supply of farming equipments, machines, applicators

Supply of feeder boxes & drinker boxes, hay racks, green fodder wheel barrows for handling fodders

Supply of medicines & veterinary kits

Supply of concentration feeds with weight gain formulas

Detailed training & complete guidance to run & maintain a business in a profitable & economical way

Training on farm management like

  1. Animal management
  2. Feeding managements
  3. Health managements like diagonisation of diseases & preventive control measures
  4. Nutrition Managements
  5. Breeding managements
  6. Kidding managements
  7. Weight gain managements
  8. Fodder managements etc..

  1. Supply of pedigreed animals for farming with a crystal clear healthy conditions
  2. Supply of 15 breeds of goats from various parts of india
  3. Hi breeds goats Sojat, Sirohi, Jamunapari, Barbari, Osmanabadi, Malabari, Jakrana, beetal, Totapari, Bengali, Boer, Damascus, Sanen, Kodi, Kanni, etc..
  4. Animal fencings for exercise paddock
  5. Supply of hydroponic chambers for advanced livestock farming & artificial insemination tanks
  6. Livestock provided by us are 100 % disease free, completely tested and selected by veterinary Experts. Based on their maximum milk yielding capacity and reproductive performance, So u get your money worth.
  7. We got a buyback facility We have supplied 1000′s of goat to customers and all are satisfied with us. Many of our customers yielded a profitable income in recent years for the capital they have invested. outstanding service, client satisfaction & trust is the benchmark of our business….