Technical Specification quality

Technical Specification quality

Technical Specifications :

Goat Farm Developers is a High Tech Livestock Farm Builders & Developers Builder & Developers is a professional manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated houses and steel structures.Which is integrated with the designing,manufacturing,assembling and marketing of steel structure.The Stall fed goat farming shed is an pre-engineered steel structure.We just need the environment,location,climate like the local wind,temperature,snow and so on. Based on that the steel structure is designed exactly to enhance the growth & reproductivity and to eliminate the mortality rate in livestock.Our steel structure workshop is good & easy for installation.Its stable structure,can withstand earthquake.It is water proof,energy conserving and environmental protective,etc.

The characteristics of steel:

Light weight steel structure.

Higher reliability of steel work.

Steel anti-vibration (earthquake), impact and good..

Steel structure for a higher degree of industrialization.

Steel can be assembled quickly and accurately.

Large steel interior space.

Likely to cause sealing structure.

Steel corrosive.

Poor fire-resistant steel.

Recyclable steel.

Steel shorter duration.

Quality carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel.

Special purpose steel.

Likely to cause sealing structure.


Structure is reliable.

Disassemble and assemble conveniently.

Beautiful decorate.

The overall arrangement is flexible.

Beautiful decorate:

The whole house is elegant in appearance, bright and lustrous.

Structure Type:

Steel Space Frame structure.

Structure is reliable:

The flexible structure systems of light steel, safe and reliable, meet the structure design specification demand of the building.

Disassemble and assemble conveniently:

Can disassemble and assemble many times. The fixing only needs simple tool. Average each person can fix 20 to 30 sqm every day, 6 people can finish one standard prefab of 3KX 10K only need 2days.

Environmental protection and economized:

The house is reasonable in design, dis-assembley and assembly is simple and convenient, can be recycled many times, the proportion of goods damaged is low.

Advantages of our Shelter structure:

  1. Structure is reliable
  2. Design According to Environment , climate , locality etc…
  3. Manufacture under complete Quality control systems
  4. Installation with instructions of experienced engineers
  5. Easy to assemble & dismandle
  6. Eco friendly material can be used for several times & can be recycled
  7. Shorter construction period, long last durability
  8. High strength & stiffness, high weight bearing
  9. Sound insulation & heat insulation antisepsis & damp proofing

Cladding material Features:

Galvanized purlin , color steel sheet, fittings , etc..

1. Stable & aesthetic

2. Structure is durable for more than 50 years

3. Fast & east to install

4. Extensive Applications : Storage,warehouses,special – shaped Buildings etc…

5. High anti – rust performance

6. Flexible composition : Doors & day lighting roof could be installed at any position

7. Eco-friendly material: can be used for several times and can be recycled